VIDEO:  Cushings Syndrome and Buffalo Hump

See 3:04 in the NGC video

VIDEO:  Fatty Tumor

As you can see in the beginning of this video of a lipoma (fatty tumor), a fatty
tumor moves around under the skin, and has borders that can be felt by the

In my YouTube videos, I am NOT talking about this kind of tumor. 

Video:  Madelungs Disease


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In my YouTube Videos, I am specifically referring to the hump that is a result of the anterior head carriage and the improper spinal curvature in the lower cervical and upper thoracic spine.  It is the tissue that the body builds up to protect that area of the spine.  It is important to discover which type of hump you have, and I am sorry that I cannot diagnose you. However, I can provide you with as much information for you to research and find the help that you need.

The hump that I am discussing is one that is due to poor spinal curvature in the lower cervical/ upper thoracic spine and/ or anterior head carriage.  According to plastic surgeon, Dr. Barry Eppley, "This fat is unique in that it is very fibrous in quality, meaning it is a mixture of fat and scar tissue..." - See more at:

I am NOT talking about a hump as a result of

1.  Cushings Syndrome causing "buffalo hump"

2.  Madalung Disease

3.  Dowagers Hump

4.  Fatty Tumor (Lipoma)